Creative Cube design of yellow background and colorful decorative lines

The Creative Cube is an accessible mobile studio that brings arts into every corner of our community.

Action show of the Creative Cube studio on the move

Who We Are

The Creative Cube is a project of Grand Rapids nonprofit Artists Creating Together.

ACT’s mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. We have been part of the West Michigan community since 1986.

About The Creative Cube


The Creative Cube is intentionally designed to allow artists of all abilities to create alongside each other.


The Creative Cube offers unique functions that can be customized to meet event needs. Art activities are specifically tailored to each program. 


The Creative Cube design is flexible, allowing it to be customized for a variety of events, art forms, and locations. 


The Creative Cube is a 40 foot long re-imagined race trailer that is bright yellow and serves as a beacon of accessibility and creativity!

Programs & Services

School Residencies

ACT’s In-School Residency program for special education classrooms offers ten hours of art instruction from our Teaching Artists to students in 20+ classrooms annually. The Creative Cube will expand this program to offer a mobile studio day for schools with applicable classrooms. 

Festival Day & Other ACT Programs

Each year, hundreds of special education students gather at Lincoln Campus to celebrate art and ability. The Creative Cube is a signature activity for this special event.

Community Events​

We host drop-in activities at community events throughout West Michigan, providing an artistic and creative experience to visitors while introducing them to ACT’s mission and offerings. Upcoming public events are listed below.

Creative Cube Annual Celebration

Each year, the Creative Cube hosts a celebration of creativity featuring performances, art activities, and more!

Schedule of Events

The Creative Cube is seasonal and runs from March to October. We hope to again be hosting community events in 2021, once it is deemed safe to do so by the CDC and health department


Caitlin​ Qua

Caitlin can answer any questions you have about many of our Community Programs, including the Creative Cube, ACT's mobile art studio, and all partner events. When she's not traveling around town, Caitlin is the lead on our open studio nights.

Caitlin is the face you will see when you visit the Creative Cube! She’s your go-to person to learn about partnership opportunities, event and program possibilities, and all things Creative Cube.​

Inquire Further

Want to learn more about the possibilities of the Creative Cube? Contact Caitlin, our Creative Cube Coordinator.

Make A Donation

The Creative Cube is possible due to ACT’s $1.1M Impact Advancement Campaign. Help us reach this goal by making a donation to the campaign, which also will move ACT’s studio into a larger space, create an endowment, and more.


The Creative Cube is possible due to the generosity of many donors to ACT’s Impact Advancement Campaign. Visit our "IMPACT" page to learn more. 

This webpage and other Creative Cube outreach materials were made possible by the support of the Nonprofit Technical Assistance Fund.  Created by Aux.

Built by

The Creative Cube was created from the creativity, imagination, and skill of many; ACT worked with the following vendors to make this dream a reality!

Artists Creating Together empowers individuals with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts.

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Artists Creating Together is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 84-1698531.

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