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March 31 - April 2, 2020

Welcome to our virtual art gallery!

ACTion Art is an annual exhibit that empowers adult artists with disabilities to display their art in a professional gallery format, and allows them to market and sell their work within the larger community. Each year, close to 100 adult artists with disabilities are featured in ACTion Art



Congratulations to our

 2020 ACTion Art Winners!

Jurors' Choice

Our ACTion Art Jurors made their choices based on a list of criteria that included originality, craftsmanship, composition, and visual impact.


Winners of the Jurors' Choice Award each received a cash prize of $300 

and will receive special recognition by ACT in spring 2021!

The Last Supper 

by Lane Cooper

"While attending a church service, my pastor gave a talk on stepping outside our “comfort zone” and to do something different.  This could be a real challenge for me, as I have a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. During ArtPrize last year, I read an article called “All God’s Creatures” in a magazine titled Challenge Response by author Ken Stone.


“WHAT IF” stuck in my mind with the idea if the animals would have had a Last Supper.  Being a nature lover, I thought of the different species of birds for disciples and matching their behavior pattern to the disciples.


This challenged me to explore deeply the relationship among birds, animals, humans, and God in the Bible. Why not use silverware for the birds and the white dove would be Jesus. Mentioned the vision to some people and I realized that some thought I had slipped another cog in my injured brain, but my heart burned with desire to attempt this piece—success or loss did not matter at this time.


I took a trip to the Gaylord area where a relative was building a cabin from trees harvested in the forest. In the pile of scrap lumber, this board beckoned me to turn it into the Last Supper table—so this sculpture has spoken to me in many ways—success at last. Hope you enjoy it."          


by Wes DeVries

"Infrastructure depicts the constant cycle of construction, decay, and reconstruction of society. Sometimes 10-year-old houses have a dumpster in the driveway. Which way to the manager's office? Even our own bodies decay, some sooner than others."

Proud Parent - Protective Mother

by Phillip Siegel Sr.

"In this picture of a mother zebra and her baby, titled Proud Parent, I tried to show the feeling of a mother zebra willing to protect her baby from danger of any kind."


People's Choice

Thank you to everyone who voted for the ACTion Art 2020

People's Choice Award!


The winner of the People's Choice Award received a $100 cash prize or $150 in ACT classes.


by Breanne Kelderhouse

"My life was going through another phase of change when I created Chaos. We all feel chaos at different points in our lives and we all react differently. Chaos can force us to take a step back and refocus on what we are doing and where we are going. This piece illustrates the attempt to "refocus" in a time of Chaos."


Honorable Mentions

Carnival Night

by Emma Beeghly

The Twilight Zone

by Jessica Stranz

Come Together

by Michael Johnson


by Alyssa Rainwater

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