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About ACT

Artists Creating Together empowers individuals with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. By bringing together artists, visual and performing arts, and students with disabilities, we are able to make an impact on the West Michigan community. 

Our Core Values

Every person is valuable and deserves to be understood. 

Through our programs, our students gain self-confidence and personal satisfaction, as well as a sense of self-sufficiency and capability. 

We can recognize the potential of every child, youth, and adult, and that disabilities are not a barrier to success

by allowing students to experience improved learning tactics, communication skills, and classroom success. 

Together, we can empower people of all abilities to be active, positive, and contributing members of our community

by experiencing increased civic engagement in the greater Grand Rapids area. 

The arts are a fundamental tool in helping all people to reach their potential. 

Our students experience a higher likelihood of completion and/or graduation, and professional opportunities. 

How We Accomplish Our Values 

Artists Creating Together connects Teaching Artists with individuals who have disabilities at all life stages. Our specially-trained instructors are professional working artists who provide unique programming to students with different needs in a variety of settings.

From partnerships with local rehabilitation hospitals to community-wide educational events, we provide art and creative expression programming and classes that enrich and improve the lives of people with disabilities in every corner of our community.

Visit our programs page to find a good fit for you.

Our Impact

ACT doesn't only offer programs in-studio, but in local schools, organizations, and venues. Last year, our impact included classes and events in over 50 different locations throughout West Michigan.  

Why Art Matters

Art is a vital part of brain development. It fosters critical cognitive skills, such as social intelligence and decision making, and at every stage of life, it has rich implications for growth and learning.


There are 60 million people in the United States living with physical, mental, and social barriers to success. For those 60 million, building brain pathways through social connection and experiential art is particularly connected to life outcomes.

Our History

To learn more about how ACT came to be, visit "Our History" page. 

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