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In a partnership with schools and teachers throughout West Michigan, ACT brings the wonder of art and creativity to thousands of students. 

A participant in one of ACT's Youth Programs with a wonderful smile

Open to children in early childhood programs, K-12, and in transition programs. 


Offered to special education classrooms, inclusion programs, and/or classrooms looking for an inclusion opportunity.

Various Locations

Offered at the ACT Studio or on location, depending on the program. 

Professionally Taught

All youth programs are taught by professional

Teaching Artists. 

About Youth Programs


On-Going Programs

Our art exploration classes for students ages 2-6 provide arts access to over 350 children with disabilities. This program combines visual arts, creative movement, yoga, theater, and music to develop fine and gross motor abilities, communication, following directions, and teamwork in non-traditional ways.

The apprentice program is designed to provide high-caliber, intensive art apprenticeships to young artists with disabilities attending special education transition centers in West Michigan. 

Our transition classes offer special education students ages 18-26 a variety of performing and visual art classes. Art Explorations classes and Intensives are taught by professional teaching artists from the community. The focus of these classes is to provide a fun, social opportunity for life-long learning in the arts.

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Early Childhood Art Exploration

Apprentices Program

Transition Classes

Classroom Partnerships

Through our residency program,

special education classrooms 1st grade through 12th grade, and transition aged students enjoy concentrated learning for a total of 10 instructional hours in the artistic medium of their choice. This is offered free of charge to the special education classroom.

In-School Residencies


Creativity & Ability Festival

Each year, special education students 1st grade through 12th grade, and transition aged students, celebrate the world of art. Students engage in activities led by professional artists, including virtual performing art workshops, visual art kits, and more, all from the comfort of your own classroom.


Field trips are offered to 1st grade through 12th grade, and transition special education classrooms on a seasonal basis. These unique trips provide the opportunity for students to get out of their classrooms and into the community to participate in new and exciting arts experiences.

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Field Trips

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