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Apprentice Program 

Teaching Artist
Kat VanHammen

Kent ISD Apprentices

About the Apprentice Program

The apprentice program is designed to provide high-caliber, intensive art apprenticeships to young artists with disabilities attending special education transition centers in West Michigan. As apprentices, artists work and train under a professional artist and gain experience in arts administration, professional development, artistic training, and experiential learning.

Region III Apprentices

Teaching Artist
Beth Usadel
Elizabeth Usadel
Kennedy Wuis
Art Assistant
Kennedy Wuis
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Where to Shop: 2022

ACTion Art Exhibit

Tuesday, March 29 2022, 12-6pm

Thursday, March 31 2022, 12-8pm

Grand Rapids Art Museum

101 Monroe Center St NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Lions & Rabbits

Thursday, April 21 2022, 4-6pm

Lions & Rabbits Gallery

1264 Plainfield Ave NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Online Sales

April 18-29 2022