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Sing along with Karaoke

Many in-person classes have now turned into virtual lessons, however, our teaching artists are working to make these equally exciting and meaningful for students! Our recent karaoke class for adults held Wednesdays in February was led by Teaching Artist Hannah DeBoer. Hannah is a professional singer and voice teacher from Grand Rapids. She is an associate teacher at Grand Rapids Voice Collective and teaches singers of all abilities and ages.

To kick off each ACT class session, students warmed up their bodies by stretching and then did vocal warmups like breathing exercises and humming so that they were completely ready to sing. Each session had a different theme and was filled with singing, music, and lots of smiles. Favorite songs included Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are the Champions, Shake It Off, Take Me Home Country Roads, and many more.

While the class was filled mostly with group performances, there were opportunities for the students to show off their singing skills with solo songs of their choice, with the whole class listening in while belting favorite tunes. The class environment was comfortable, cheerful, and full of compliments from fellow classmates!

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