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WE ARE ALL Trailblazers

Our 34th Annual Auction

In early October, we proudly celebrated the 34th Annual WE ARE ALL Trailblazers auction, and it was a resounding success, all thanks to the incredible support of our donors, partners, students, staff, and volunteers.

The "WE ARE ALL Trailblazers" theme celebrates the diverse paths we embark on. Our creative journeys are significant. This theme highlights the importance of taking charge of our journeys, being pioneers, forging new paths, and leading the way for others.

By embracing this theme, we align with ACT’s mission to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. ACT encourages individuals to find joy in their unique paths and the process of discovery.

Leading up to the event, the ACT studio was overflowing with generous donations, filling both our silent and live auction with a diverse array of items. Over 100 artists generously contributed to this cause, demonstrating their unwavering support.

The night was filled with food, drinks, friends, family, art, student demonstrations, and more! Guests were able to view silent auction items, including artwork of all sizes, gift baskets, travel and experience certificates while enjoying a strolling dinner provided by YoChef catering. Teaching Artist Daine Hammerle and ACT student Drew Bradbury were mixing up the tunes as our DJs for the night. Teaching Artist Mary Lamson-Burke showcased her artistic talent through Neurographica art, a technique and meditative process with abstract, free-form lines.

Our live auction featured an opening demonstration by the Dance Improvisation group led by Teaching Artist Jacquie Pittman. ACT students introduced themselves through expressive dance motions, which the audience reciprocated with the same motions. This enchanting performance was followed by a lively freeze dance improvisation, setting a festive tone for the live auction, hosted by returning auctioneer Greg Bator.

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