Art Residencies,
 Field Trips,
& Festival Week
 Festival Week 2021
35 Years of Festival Day 


Date: May 3 - 6, 2021

Theme: We Belong



What is a Residency or Field Trip? 

Through a residency, a local professional artist will come to your classroom, either in-person or virtually, and facilitate a 6-hour  interactive learning experience in the arts. This year, Field Trips take place either virtually or at the ACT Studio and align with our ACTion Art exhibition!

Who can apply for a Residency or Field Trip? 

Residencies and Field Trips are opportunities for special education teachers of kindergarten - 12th grade or transition students. To qualify for a residency, Field Trip or Festival Week, you must be a kindergarten - 12th grade or transition classroom during the associated school year, and you must be a special education classroom with a Kent Intermediate School District school.

How do I apply for a Residency or Field Trip? 

You are invited to submit an application for an art experience of your choice, according to your students' interests and needs. These art experiences can be in dance, theater, puppetry, music, creative writing, the visual arts, or any other art form. To apply, you must attend one of the orientation meetings (see above form for meeting dates and RSVP).

ACT will grant residency and Field Trip applications based on available resources. If your application is accepted, ACT will connect you with an artist and provide supplies. The artist will then collaborate closely with you to develop an art experience based on your proposal that provides art forms and projects to students to enhance their overall learning. This year, residencies will begin in March and end in May.

What is Festival Week? 

Each year, ACT art programming culminates in an annual arts celebration called Festival Day, held at Lincoln Campus in Grand Rapids. This year, because of COVID-19, we are reimagining these events in order to continue providing engaging art opportunities for students.

This year, Festival Day is becoming Festival Week - a week full of virtual art lessons for classrooms that are offered either via pre-recorded video to fit into your day, or via Zoom, connecting you with a a Teaching Artist in real time!

The week will start with an opening ceremony, and students will then participate in a week of hands-on art workshops activities. Some of the highlights of this year include collaborative art projects that include every student and every classroom!

How do I attend Festival Week? 

Festival Week is not a public event, and is only intended for special education classrooms in a Kent Intermediate School District, and students must be kindergarten - 12th grade or transition age. Festival Week is free to attend at no cost to the classroom or school! To apply, you must attend one of the orientation meetings (see above form for meeting dates and RSVP).


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