Art Residencies
Festival Day
 Festival Day 2021 - 35 Years of Festival Day 

Date: TBA

Theme: Great Lakes, Great Arts


Applications open fall 2020

What is a Residency? 

Through a residency, a local, professional artist will come to your classroom and facilitate a 10-hour interactive learning experience in the arts. 

Who can apply for a Residency? 

Residencies are opportunities for special education teachers of kindergarten - 12th grade or transition students. To qualify for a residency or Festival Day, you must be a kindergarten - 12th grade or transition classroom during the associated school year, and you must be a special education classroom with a Kent Intermediate School District school.

How do I apply for a Residency? 

You are invited to submit an application and proposal for an art experience of your choice, according to your students' interests and needs. These art experiences can be in dance, theater, puppetry, music, creative writing, the visual arts, or any other art form. To apply, you must attend one of the fall mandatory orientation meetings (see below for meeting dates).

ACT will grant residency applications based on available resources. If your application is accepted. ACT will provide you with an artist and supplies. The artist will then collaborate closely with you to develop an art experience based on your proposal that provides art forms and projects to students to enhance their overall learning. Residency applications are due early November, are awarded by mid-January and take place mid-January through May of each year. 

What is Festival Day? 

Each year, ACT art programming culminates in an annual arts celebration called Festival Day, held at Lincoln Campus in Grand Rapids. Festival Day is free to attend at no cost to your classroom or school! 

The day starts with an opening ceremony, which includes performances by both student and local music groups. Students then participate in a series of hands-on art workshops and outdoor art activities. Some of the highlights of the day include truck painting (using water guns and rollers to paint canvases covering a semi truck), and interactive sensory art activities.  This very fun and special day of creative exploration is one that many classrooms look forward to all year long! 

How do I attend Festival Day? 

Festival Day is not a public event, and is only intended for special education classrooms in a Kent Intermediate School District, and students must be kindergarten - 12th grade or transition age. Festival Day is free to attend at no cost to the classroom or school! To apply, you must attend one of the fall mandatory orientation meetings (see below for meeting dates). 


If you're not  a special education classroom, ACT is always accepting volunteers to help with Festival Day programs and activities! To learn more, visit our volunteer page

Questions? Contact our Program Coordinator.

You may opt to apply for one or both of these programs. To apply you MUST attend one of the Fall mandatory orientation meetings listed below.

Attendance at one of these meetings is required each year, regardless of whether or not you have attended an orientation in past years. At this orientation, you will learn more about each of these programs, and be given applications to apply. You do not need to sign up for a meeting day/time -- just show up!

Register for a Residency or Festival Day 



Attend an orientation meeting in the fall of 2020 and pick up a Residency and/or Festival Day application



Submit your Residency and/or Festival Day application by November 1



ACT reviews and grants Festival Day applications and up to 15-20 Residencies



You will receive an email response letter from ACT about your application. If it is accepted, you are provided with information about setting up your Residency and/or attending Festival Day


Your classroom attends Festival Day in May 2021. Your Residency is completed by May 31, 2021

Fall 2020 orientation schedule coming soon!

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