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Impact Volunteer: Monalisa Orr

Monalisa Orr began working with ACT 5 years ago at the 2018 ACTion Art Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Mona has remained a passionate and engaged volunteer, volunteering at Creative Cube events to support the community. She is an enthusiastic and energetic force that allows her to cultivate a connection with others easily, and the community is all the better for her excited and welcoming spirit!

Here’s what one of our ACT staff members had to say about Mona: "Mona has volunteered at multiple Creative Cube events and brings positive and welcoming energy to all those who visit the Creative Cube. Her enthusiasm is apparent whether she is working with a child or an adult. She easily connects with all in her community and spreads her excitement about ACT's mission at every event. We are so thankful for her time and energy!"

Tell us about your favorite memory at an ACT Volunteer Event.

"My favorite memories are the art exhibits at the GRAM. Seeing the faces of winners and their excitement made my heart smile.”

Why have you continued to volunteer?

I love what ACT does and the impact they make on everyone they encounter. I always have a great time at each event. I literally get to play, paint, and make music with amazing people.”

Thank you, Mona, for all you bring to ACT!

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