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Creative Leaders Committee (CLC)

The Creative Leaders Committee (CLC) was formed in 2020 to give ACT participants an avenue to grow as leaders and artists. The CLC is currently composed of 6 members between the ages of 16 and 30 who have been involved with ACT through various programs. These members provide ACT with feedback through the lens of program participants so that we may receive their valuable feedback on how to strengthen our programs.

This year, CLC participants have had opportunities to speak publicly at a choir concert and board meeting. One CLC member, Kelsea Patterson, was selected to be a panelist at the ACTion Art Artist Talk in March. Throughout the year, guests have come to speak with our CLC members about art techniques, leadership, and how to be an advocate.

The goals set by the CLC were set independently by the members and given guidance by ACT’s Program Assistant, Amanda Witsaman. By setting their own course, CLC members have gained leadership experience and discovered new skills and passions. ACT is intentionally shaping upcoming programing with their thoughts and creative ideas in mind.

Learn more about the CLC here.

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