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About the CLC:

  • Membership in the Creative Leaders Committee (CLC) is open to ACT participants, age 16 years and older, with a disability

  • There will be an application and selection process, with 10 members serving on the CLC

  • Members will be given the option to be paid a stipend or receive ACT class credit for their participation

  • Meetings will begin in February 2021 and end in May 2021. There will be 2 meetings per month, for a total of 8 meetings. Specific dates, times, and meeting format will be set according to availability

  • While opportunities will be initially outlined by ACT staff, members of the Committee will set their own goals, identify and complete projects of their choosing, and follow their own direction as the group progresses

  • Committee members will attend and participate in bi-weekly meetings. At these meetings, members will assist in many initiatives, including:

    • advising on art forms for ACT classes

    • researching and preparing for presentations

    • public speaking through opportunities at events and meetings, serving as advocates for ACT and arts

    • developing programs through research & planning with local artists and art professionals

    • engaging in leadership building activities

Member Requirements & Expectations:

  • Members of the Committee are required to:

    • Have knowledge of ACT, whether as a class participant or in another capacity 

    • Be over the age of 16

    • Have a disability

    • Attend and participate in meetings


  • Members of the Committee will be expected to:

    • Actively participate in meetings

    • Provide feedback on ACT programming and decisions

    • Suggest new ideas and thoughts in any format

    • Work with fellow members respectfully to reach decisions

    • Act as an advocate for ACT, serving as a peer mentor and model for other artists with disabilities

    • Be a leader, by:

      • Taking initiative

      • Being accountable

      • Inspiring and supporting others

      • Communicating openly, whether spoken, written, pre-recorded, or otherwise

      • Being open to others' ideas

The Creative Leaders Committee (CLC) is a group of ACT participants who will advise staff on decisions related to programming and student outreach, gain valuable experience behind the scenes of a nonprofit organization, and grow as leaders, artists, and advocates.

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Applications for the CLC are now closed, thank you for your interest! 

Artists Creating Together empowers individuals with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts.

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