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Arts for Veterans

Health & Healing for Michigan Veteran Homes at Grand Rapids.

As part of our Health & Healing programs, we provide art experiences in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other related agencies across West Michigan. We had to pause many of these programs in 2020 due to COVID. As of this fall, the program with Michigan Veteran Homes at Grand Rapids is back in session!

Over the next year, ACT has planned twice weekly visual art and music experience classes for members at the Michigan Veteran Homes at Grand Rapids. Accessible visual arts activities are being led by Teaching Artist Annalise Hammerlund, while Dean Wiers-Windemuller will facilitate interactive music sessions for members with guitars, ukuleles, drums, and more. During a music session, one of the veterans brought his own guitar, which he bought during COVID lockdown and taught himself. It was a heartwarming moment for everyone to hear him and teaching artist, Dean, strum together!

Angela Steele, ACT’s Executive Director, shared her excitement about re-launching ACT’s program with the Veteran Home:

“ACT has greatly missed the opportunity to explore the arts with area veterans over the last two years. I am looking forward to seeing the veterans use creativity, music, the arts, and creative movement as an expressive and therapeutic outlet. It is a positive part of their week and ours.”

We are thrilled to continue supporting the Veteran Home by creating artful moments with their members!

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