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2018 Fund-A-Need Donors

Many of these generous donors support ACT in other ways throughout the year, beyond our auction and membership in the Arts for All Society. Thank you to all who support our mission!

Michelle Adams

Jeaune Allard

Steve Amato

Mike Azzi

Tom Bamborough

Greg Bator

Jennifer Beadling

Patrick Beadling

Ashley Beckeman

Nate Boot

Ashley Brennan

Nick Butterfield

Paige Cornetet

Tom Crimp

Kris Crimp

Mark Czarnecki

Karen DeHenau

Jared Delaney

Tina Derusha

Kelly DeWispelaere

Ron Dressander

Amy Dykstra

Eric Egeland

Mark Feldkamp

Mary Beth Fitzgerald

Brendan Gary

Shannon Gary

Ross Geurink

Tom Gott

Sarah Grajewski

Jason Gust

Irwin & Marcia Hall

John Hart

Alison Haverkamp

Brian Hayward

Jeanne Herold

Colleen Holmes

Keith Hopkins

Bridget Jackson

Amanda Jager

Steve Jandernoa

Carl Jandernoa

Mark Jones

Todd Jones

Teresa Kosla

Kevin Kowinski

Jared Love

Marcia Love

Kristee Mahler

Heather Martin

Travis Martin

Toni Martin

Ryan Miller

Malissa Moore

Lon Morrisson

Chris Nienhius

Karin Nyennuis

Spencer Olson

Jonathon Parker

Jeanette Pigorsh

Nancy Reenders

Ryan Root

Mike Ruggeri

Michaela Russo

Marlene Seykora

Lin Shatto

Sarah Sieplinga

Kevin Slosser

Cindy Smith

Eric Smith

Sara Souder

Jussi Sullivan

Kathy Thompson

Mindy Tolsma

Abby Van Beek

Mars VandenBos

Tim VanderKodde

Trent VanderLende

Steve Vanderzowun

Stephanie Vandoorn-Kazyak

Brent VanHaren

Todd VanHaren

Jill Veeneman

Amy Verseput

Cliff Wegner

Drew Wessell

Ann Zoellner

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