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 2019 ACTion Art Winners

Jurors' Choice

Branham Abigail Letting Go.jpg

Letting Go

by Abigail Branham


Abigail Branham

"This monoprint began as an attempt at a simple abstract design. To my surprise, I found something quite different. As I studied this piece, I saw a person reclining on the left and a small child taking its first steps to the right. I see a parent watching their child taking his first steps. I think the sweetness of the subject matter is enhanced by the beautiful fuchsia color of the ink."

Yukio Fergus, Scott - Curios.jpg


by Scott Yukio Fergus


Scott Yukio Fergus

"My mom calls the painting Curios.  I like the different things Mrs. Balks-Russell had on her shelves.  I especially like the animal figures.  I like painting at her house because she has so many interesting things.  I enjoy seeing her many houseplants.  She changes where she places the plants.  I included some of the plants in this painting."

Phelan, Penny  Newspaper Tom.jpg

Newspaper Tom

by Penny Phelan


Penny Phelan

"My dad, Tom Lewis, was a very busy man. Having seven children, he never had the time to read the newspaper. This is one of the first vacations he had taken after retiring from the Budd Wheel Co., Metal Fabricators, located in his favority city of Detroit. A swing, a glass of iced tea, and a good newspaper read summed up his ideal of relaxation!"

Honorable Mentions


Sea Life

by Phillip Siegel Sr.

Fambrough, Morgaine Tempest - Lonely Gho

Lonely Ghost

by Morgaine Fambrough

Z, Greg - The Brown!.jpg

The Brown! (A Wounded Spirit Who Can Bear)

by Greg Z

VandenBos, Leanne - Autumn Owl the Fores

Autumn Owl the Forest Sage aka Funky Feathered Forest Friend 

by Leanne VandenBos

Youth Choice

Cariano, Devin - Father and Son.jpg
Sanchez, Rocio - Red Rose.JPG

Father and Son

by Devin Cariano

Red Rose

by Rocio Sanchez

Public Choice

Robinson, Leonard - Poppies.jpg


by Leonard Robinson

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