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The ACTion Choir

The joy of music led by Teaching Artist Erinn Epp

Students and Teaching Artist Erin Epp sitting together in pews at their rehearsal location, all smiling at the camera.

At the start of each year, the ACT team jumps right into one of our most exciting programs: Since 2009, the ACTion Choir has been singing their hearts out with Teaching Artist Erinn Epp. Erinn’s passion has brought so much life to the program.

When asked about her favorite moments, Erinn shared,

“It’s just those instances where the music comes out of the students when they’re not expecting it to. It’s so exciting when you have those electric moments. Just being a part of such a unique music making process is so much fun.”

She has loved gaining a feel for the choir process as it makes space for her students’ voices to stand out and come together in unison.

Sessions always start with vocal warm-ups before taking out their music folders to practice songs. Oftentimes, a drum is brought to class to emphasize the beats of songs they learn and practice. Colorful scarves and a rain stick are also brought to help students express themselves as they sing together. Favorite songs this season include “The Circle of Life”, “The Wellerman”, “Proud Mary” and “Lost in the Woods”. Erinn has noticed students love the rhythmic energy of ‘The Wellerman’. She also said “it was a little unexpected how much they have loved ‘Proud Mary’, I guess I didn’t realize that so many of them would know it because it’s older.”

Erinn has been excited to see huge improvements in the group since last fall, particularly in members Alison and Megan. They used to not be as prominent within the group, but this year she’s seen them come out of their shells, always in the front row ready to go. “Parker has also been a delight with his enthusiasm for ‘Lost In the Woods’. The way he plugs into things, it’s clear he found his spot and passion in choir.”

One of Erinn’s favorite memories from this year was the Holiday Concert at Woodland Mall, as she watched students taking ownership of the songs. This spring, the choir will wrap up the year with a public concert generously hosted by Kuyper College.

Visit for information about the next choir concert!

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