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Making Art through Visual Voice

Two doctors standing in front of a display board filled with student-made artwork
Metro Hospital staff celebrating at the Visual Voice Art Show

This summer, Artists Creating Together and teaching artist Becky Baker wrapped up another wonderful year of Visual Voice art class with patients in Metro Hospital's Assisted Breathing Center.

The Assisted Breathing Center is home to patients who are ventilator dependent due to disease, injury, or other conditions. Collaboration was a major part of the class, with staff serving as "hands" for those who were unable to use their hands or communicate verbally. Using blinks, eye rolls, and letter charts to spell individual words, students were able to inform staff of their vision and guide them through the creation of their artwork.

Students used many different types of mediums to create their masterpieces, including clay, watercolor, graphite, fiber, and wood. Not only did students create 2-D paintings, they also crafted sculptures, experimented with jewelry making, and even participated in artistic flower arrangement.

The Visual Voice program celebrated the students' work with a highly successful Art Show at Metro Hospital. A number of hospital staff and members of the Metro Health Foundation came to admire and purchase the artwork, and even got to meet the artists in person! 

Big thanks to the Metro Health Hospital Foundation; the Assisted Breathing Center staff, Shelley, Deb, and Janis; and our hard-working students who come to class every week, spreading joy and inspiration to the ACT staff and interns who have been privileged to get to work with them.

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