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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Featuring Grant Ponte

Grant began volunteering with ACT remotely during 2020, while we focused on virtual programming. He wrote subtitles for our YouTube series, Stay Home & Stay Creative, to increase accessibility for all to participate in our programs. Once classes were back in-person, he continued to volunteer at open studios, adult classes, and community events! He particularly loves open studio events because of the great conversations and new projects introduced each month – he encourages everyone to join in!

A couple fun facts about Grant:

He can pick the perfect watermelon, he played college lacrosse, and is a self proclaimed geography nerd and expert campfire chef.

Tell us about your favorite moment at ACT:

“The Art of Desserts class was a blast, but I do love our open studio time. Lots of great conversations and new projects every month!”

Why have you continued to volunteer?

“Honestly I just love meeting new people and get energized by ACT's creative environment. I'm thankful I get to support our artists and participate in the creative process!”

Thank you Grant for all that you bring to ACT!

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