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“Imagination - Hand to Paper” by Diane Meyer

ACTion ArtPrize Artists on display at Amway Grand Plaza hotel

Artists Creating Together is proud to sponsor Jurors’ Choice Selections of the ACTion Art 2022 Competition in ArtPrize 2022. One of the artists is Diane Meyer, with her art piece entitled "Imagination - Hand to Paper".

Diane Meyer has been creating art from a young age and seeks to prioritize it as a regular part of her life. When she was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, she surprisingly found inspiration to experience new forms of art like abstract art and working with acrylics. She also enjoys dabbling in other media such as clay, watercolor, basket making, paper, card designs and collage, often using natural materials. Diane's love of nature shows up often in her art which has helped her to cope with stresses, provided joyful camaraderie with new friends and in her words, "feeds her soul."

In this art series, Diane drew the hands as though they were reaching out to create, using inspiration from the senses, patterns, and movement. She uses hands to symbolize inner energies, moods, and feelings from experiences in life. Diane created this piece using a technique similar to what she calls “automatic drawing”, where she clears her mind and lets herself play through art without any preconceived plans for what the art will become. She finds drawing in this way to be “both a form of meditation and stress relief for me, as well as an adventure”

Individually Titled: No. 1 "Coalesce”, No. 2 "First-Hand”, No. 3 "Wigglers Party”, No. 4 "Second-Hand”, No. 5 "Jazz Ease”, No. 6 "Third-Hand”.

Diane's work will be displayed at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel throughout the ArtPrize event, from September 15 through October 2. You can email Diane at for information about purchasing prints of her work.

There is no 'voting' process or number this year. ArtPrize is having event visitors create a free profile through their website, then add artwork to their 'Favorites List' so that ArtPrize can track pieces with the most engagement in real time.

Check out the ArtPrize visitors website to start your Favorites List:

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