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Creative Leaders Committee

Developing leadership skills and continuing to learn throughout life is essential for everyone. To give ACT participants an avenue to grow as leaders and artists, ACT has formed the Creative Leaders Committee (CLC). The inspiration for forming the CLC was born from ACT’s Diversity and Inclusion committee in 2020. As board member Rhonda Lubberts recently shared, “We want to be sure that we are listening and learning from the incredibly gifted people ACT serves. Our motto has been ‘nothing about us without us.”

The CLC is composed of 12 members between the ages of 16 and 30, all of who have been involved with ACT through various programs. The CLC focuses on members providing ACT with feedback through their lens as program participants. As a disability-focused arts organization, ACT wants to ensure that we include participants as we grow and strengthen our programs.

The goals that the CLC will set and achieve will be independently set by the members and given guidance by our Creative Cube Coordinator, Caitlin Qua. By setting their own course, CLC members will gain experience in the leadership roles and hopefully discover new skills and passions.

The CLC is supported in part by Herman Miller Cares and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

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