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2023 In-School Residencies

Designed specifically for special education classrooms ranging from 1st grade to transition-aged students, our in-school residency program offers 10 hours of focused artistic exploration in the classroom’s preferred medium. The best part? It's completely free of charge for these exceptional learners!

Recently, the talented ceramics and sculpture artist, Tom Reynolds, led an engaging session at Sparta High School, where students had the opportunity to craft their own clay mugs and delve into the captivating world of three-dimensional art.

Across Kent and Ottawa counties, classes are bustling with students immersed in a wide array of artistic expressions. From melodic harmonies to vibrant brushstrokes, these classes offer opportunities for students to explore diverse art forms such as music, painting, and beyond. Through these engaging experiences, students are unleashing their creativity, honing their skills, and discovering the transformative power of self-expression.

Learn more about our In-School Residency Program here.

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