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“The Walruses” by Craig Brown

ACTion ArtPrize Artists on display at Amway Grand Plaza hotel

Artists Creating Together is proud to sponsor Jurors’ Choice Selections of the ACTion Art 2022 Competition in ArtPrize 2022. One of the artists is Craig Brown, with his art piece entitled "The Walruses".

Craig has been painting all his life and throughout the United States in Arizona and Michigan primarily. He enjoys paintings of nature and other kinds of things. Craig has found art to be a good hobby and an even better therapy.

Craig created this painting of a group of walruses, which he felt looked as though the walruses were talking to one another. He used acrylic paint to create this piece.

Craig’s work will be displayed at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel throughout the ArtPrize event, from September 15 through October 2. You can email Craig at for more information about his work.

There is no 'voting' process or number this year. ArtPrize is having event visitors create a free profile through their website, then add artwork to their 'Favorites List' so that ArtPrize can track pieces with the most engagement in real time.

Check out the ArtPrize visitors website to start your Favorites List:

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