Fundraising Breakfast
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 
7:30 AM
CityFlats Hotel GR 
83 Monroe Center St NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Parking is available at street meters and in the Monroe Center Parking Ramp at 37 Ionia Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. This ramp offers free parking for the first 60 minutes.

The DASH offers multiple route options with drop-off’s within a ten minute walk to the venue. 

Our breakfast benefit is an annual fundraiser that brings together members of the community to learn about ACT’s programs, mission, and impact.  Anyone can attend at no cost. There will be an opportunity to donate at the end of the event, but there is no minimum or maximum gift amount expected. Attendees will also have the opportunity to make an ongoing pledge to support ACT for years to come.

To RSVP to this event, fill out the form below

Many of these generous donors support ACT in other ways throughout the year, beyond our luncheon and membership in the Arts for All Society. Thank you to all who support our mission!

Aaron & Berniz Terpstra

Alex Clay

Allyson Terpsma

Amanda & Justin Fielder

Amy & Chris Knape

Amy Brehm

Anna Malchow


Anthony & Kimberly Grossa

Ashley Diersch

Brian & Maggie Sniokaitis

Bryan Bickford & Nancy Haynes

Carol Steele

Casey & Katee Aubil

Catarina & R.E. Timermanis

Chad & Jill Zagar

Charles Schlosser

Cheryl Warner & Mark Bates MD

Chris & Janice Barbee

Chris and Bruce Hayden

Christopher & Adrienne Wilson

Christy Ennis-Kloote

Cindee Dresen

Craig & Sarah Lawton

Daniel & Mari Smith

David & Lin Shatto

Dean & Anita Gorsuch

Dean Haney

Diana Koslowski

Donald & Catherine Bruckman

Ellen Carpenter

Emily Cauzillo

Enal & Patricia Carter

Evette Pittman

Evie & Amar Dzomba

Fishladder, Inc

Frank Blossom & Jeanne Helmrick

Fredrick and Amy Lake

Grace Smith

Howard & Betty VanTill

Jake Byers

James and Kimberly Bradbury

Jamie & Stephanie Haughee

Jamie Brandon

Jane Ellen Bush

Jason Gust

Jean & Ron Wassenaar

Jeanne Jonker

Jeaune & Timothy Allard

Jeff & Beth Liszewski

Jen & Kat Hsu-Bishop

Jessica Duval

John & Arnette Kraus

Justin Reamon

Kat Van Hammen

Katherine Williams

Kathryn Hunt

Kathy Keehn

Katie Merrinew

Katy McAvoy

Kelly & Daniel Walker

Kevin Lawrence

Kim Laskowski

Kristina Araya

Kyle Maas

Lauren Rodewald

Leah Walton

Leiji Koval

Lions & Rabbits

Lisa Baars

Lynn & Paul Mudde

Lynne & Jose Hernandez

Madelaine Lane

Marcia & William Leonard

Margaret Catherine Stalker

Mark & Bridget Czarnecki

Marty LaBrecque

Matt Evans & Emily Shatto-Evans

MAU Property Management LLC

Melissa Wassenaar & Ethan Schulert

Michelle McHale-Adams & George Adams

Mike & Sydney Azzi

Morgan Matthews

Nancy Malchow

Nat & Marcia Love

Nathaniel Bliton

Pam Haffenden

Patrick & Patricia Geary

Paul Beach

Peter and Emily Hunsberger

Phil Schaafsma

Phyllis  & Dirk Bakhuyzen

Rachel Hyde

Rhonda Lubberts

Richard & Irene English

Rick Luce

Rob & Monica Jandernoa

Robert Quackenbush

Ron & Tessa Miller

Ryan & Lindy Ruggles

Ryan Root

Sadie Erickson

Sally Coburn & Charles Carter

Shane & Jacqueline Scherer

Shaun & Carrie Hambelton

Shay Kraley

Spencer & Kaitlin Olson

Stanley & Kelly Osdras

Steve & Beth Olson

Steve & Emily Amato

Susan & Douglas Heynig

Tasha Postra

Terry & Deb Moore

Terry, Camille, and Alice Lieffers

Tim and Brynn Koster

Tom Branigan

Tom Moore

Tony & Sheila Zoellner

Tracie Sandford

Transitions Therapy

Ty & Cortney Cook

William & Mary Morrissey

2019 Luncheon Donors

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