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What is the #BeTheHand Campaign?

ACT launched the #BeTheHand campaign in order to engage the whole community in the development of all people. The goal of the campaign is for community members to see people with disabilities as individuals with unique abilities, and join them in growth and learning.

The painted hands you see throughout our site are the hands of staff, volunteers, board members, community partners, artists, and students with and without disabilities. They symbolize the importance of coming together as a community, offering a hand and growing together through compassion and inclusion. We want community members to see people with disabilities as the fully capable people they truly are, and to join alongside them in their growth and learning.

What Can I Do? 

Want to get involved in the #BeTheHand Campaign? Here are some ways you can join in the fun:


Get inspired! Think of how you feel when you are included, or what ability means to you, and paint your hand. Take a snapshot and upload it to social media with the tagline #BeTheHand. You can also come to one of our community events to have your hand painted by a staff member or volunteer.


Be active! Learn more about our programs and services and find out where you fit in. Contact us for volunteer opportunities in ACT classrooms and the community.


Work Together! Are you a teacher or community partner? Connect with us for more ideas about engaging your classroom or company in the #BeTheHand Campaign.

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